Celebrate Canada’s Trucking Industry: National Trucking Week 2022

Make way for the big rigs! September 4th marks the beginning of National Trucking Week: an opportunity to celebrate the industry’s 400,000+ workers, and the essential work they do to keep our country’s freight moving.
National Trucking Week 2022

Estimates are that over 90% of food and consumer products are shipped wholly or in part by truck. Whether it’s groceries, medical supplies or that new side table you ordered, our supply chains and our economy depend on trucks and their drivers. (Something to remember the next time you feel “stuck” behind one on the highway!) Every Canadian truck driver deserves a big “thank you!” for keeping up their long-haul routes, and ensuring that folks across the country continue to get the things they need for day-to-day living.

Canada’s trucking industry is full of generous and hardworking folks – our Petro-Canada associates interact with them every day through 290 Petro-Pass locations and 50 wholesale distributors -- but a few go that extra kilometre for their businesses and communities. Jean-François Breton (QC), Jalil Khan (BC), Debbie Sipley (MB) and Curtis Booth (AB) are the winners of this year’s Petro-Pass Canada’s Most Driven contest, which recognizes four drivers from across the country for their commitment to safety, customer experience, inclusion and community involvement. Celebrate Trucking Week by taking some time to read about these exceptional individuals, and remember to show some extra kindness and consideration to the long-haulers you meet out there on the road!

Also, a shout-out to our neighbours down south, who will be celebrating US National Trucking Week following ours: from Sept 11 - 17! Stay safe out there, and thanks for all you do.

~  Paul D.

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