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Our Bulk Fuel & Bulk DEF delivery

No matter your industry, we provide bulk fuel delivery right to you – what you need, when you need it, all over the country. You can also count on us to deliver high-quality bulk DEF.

A network you can count on.

Trust that no matter where you are, our network of local associates has your wholesale fuel needs covered. We are Canada’s leading national commercial fuelling network, and have the resources to fuel your operation year-round. 

Reliable fuel supply in Canada.

With three refineries across Canada, we can deliver the fuel you need. We are part of a unique energy company that operates in all stages of the value chain – from crude to consumer. Backed by the most reliable supply in Canada, you can trust that our high-quality products will arrive safely and on schedule. And our deliveries are carried out by our industry-leading network of local associates who bring personalized service and experienced-based knowledge to the job. 

Expert service.

When it comes to bulk fuel and diesel exhaust fluid, our service is simply unmatched. You can count on our knowledgeable and experienced associates to help troubleshoot and provide support and insights to better your fuelling operations. 

Customized tank support to suit your needs.

If you need advice on how to upgrade your current on-site tank or set up a new one, our team is happy to recommend storage units that will suit your needs, whether you need it for bulk fuel or DEF. 

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