SuperFoam is Super Fun.

With a rainbow lightshow, soapy foam that flows like lava, and a satisfying bubble gum scent, SuperFoam is a super fun, super clean car wash experience. After just a few minutes, your car isn’t just clean. It’s sparkling.

⚠ Warning: may incite smiles, giggles, “ooohs” and/or “ahhhs”.

Get Ready for the SuperFoam Experience.

  • Purchase a best wash in-store or online
  • Open your air vents
  • Queue up your favourite song
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the lightshow
  • Breathe in that sweet bubble gum scent

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Experience SuperFoam.

There are 3 ways to purchase a best wash & experience SuperFoam. Sign-in to buy your next wash quickly and easily online or visit your local Petro‑Canada location.

Time for a Petro-Canada car wash.

We have over 260 Petro-Canada car wash locations across Canada. Choose from our soft cloth or touchless car wash.


Is SuperFoam available with all Petro-Canada car washes?
Is SuperFoam included with my Wash & Go or Season Pass card?
Where can I find SuperFoam?
Does SuperFoam cost extra?
Other than SuperFoam, what else do I get with your best wash?