Triple your Petro-Points

when you exchange or purchase your propane tank with us.*
Offer valid until October 7, 2024.

Propane tank exchange at Petro-Canada.

20 lb Propane gas tanks

  • Propane tank exchange – If you have a 20 lb empty propane tank you can quickly and conveniently exchange your approved tank for a full, certified propane tank at Petro-Canada gas stations. Propane capacity 7.7 kg or 16 L.
  • Buy a Prefilled Tank – If you don’t have an empty tank to exchange you can purchase a prefilled tank at Petro-Canada gas stations.

Advantages of Propane Tank Exchange

  • If you exchange a tank rather than refilling, the process is fast and convenient.
  • It is easy to find a Petro-Canada propane tank exchange location that is open during the evening and weekends.
  • With a propane tank exchange, you are assured that the tank is inspected, cleaned, leak-tested, and has up-to-date safety information and instructions printed on the tank. The tank will also have been requalified on its designated schedule.
  • Propane tank exchange is an eco-friendly product. Each tank that is purchased keeps one less tank ending up in a landfill.

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